A true sample management system saves time while collecting and disseminating required data

Sample Management

TrakURep® is a technology solution for today’s complex sample reporting environment.

Data and time are among the most valuable currencies in the world. In the medical field, those two values are also extremely important when it comes to the procurement, distribution and management of pharmaceutical samples. Both incorrect data and lapses of time can potentially impact the lives of patients, as well as increase liability for physicians and drug reps alike.

The impact on healthcare systems

From the time a pharmaceutical sample leaves the manufacturing facility until it’s in the hands of a patient, the medication must be documented and accounted for. It starts with sales reps that provide physicians with samples of a particular drug. The reps must account for every sample they leave with a physician and maintain an accurate and up-to-date count. Not only do pharmaceutical companies need to know this information, but such PDMA compliance data must also be reported to state and federal authorities.

Physician’s offices in turn need to account for the samples and track which patients receive the medications because poor record keeping can compromise patient safety. In the event of a drug recall, for example, physician’s offices need to immediately know who is taking the recalled drug and to contact those persons immediately. Additionally, patients can be compromised if accidentally given the wrong medication, medication that has expired or a sample that’s been incorrectly stored.

Maintaining accurate compliance data

Maintaining such accurate and mandatory data can take an enormous amount of time. Thanks to TrakURep®, record keeping is a snap with an application that’s user friendly and continually updated with the latest drug specifications and sample reporting requirements. By using TrakURep®, physicians’ practices are estimated to save up to 75 percent of the time it takes to manually maintain pharmaceutical sample records.

The application also easily interfaces with most electronic health record programs, such as Epic, All scripts, eClinicalWorks, and Cure MD.It also serves as a verification system for the FDA Submissions Gateway reporting, saving untold hours of office staff time. Without a doubt, TrakURep® adds an inordinate amount of value for busy healthcare practices.

Benefits the industry and pharmacy reps, too

Pharmaceutical reps are estimated to save up to 50% of the time it takes for them to maintain their records. This helps reps free up more time to visit additional offices or allow them more face-to-face time with physicians in a given week. This valuable time can be spent further educating physicians and their staff about new and innovative branded medications, trouble shooting supply and storage issues, and increasing the spectrum and availability of pharmaceutical options for patients in need.

This leads to improved patient health and safety, brand and manufacturer loyalty, and ultimately, increased sales.

TrakURep®, created by a former pharmaceutical representative, is the logical next step for any healthcare practice seeking to save time and money by using the latest cutting-edge solution for sample medication management and reporting. Learn more about TrakURep® here.

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