More About Our Company

Why We Exist

Medical practices have struggled for years on whether or not to accept  medication samples for distribution. Liability,  compliance, and process costs are considerable detractors for clinics.

Most physicians would prefer to supplement their patients with medications, however, the regulatory compliance makes providers hesitant to participate in this process.

Unfortunately, it's the patients who suffer if sampling isn't available.

The Patient is Key!!

Patients are the ones who are impacted the most if free sample medications are no longer offered by clinics.

With the rising cost of healthcare most patients can’t afford their prescription cost without the assistance of free samples provided by pharmaceutical companies.

What We Do

TrakURep® has now made any concerns about compliance, efficiency, and cost a thing of the past.

Our app allows physicians the ability to coordinate with reps more effectively in order to help patients offset the cost of their medications-compliantly.

Let's be Part of the Solution Together

Allow TrakURep® to assist you in sample medication management with efficiency and control